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Euselasia uria, Arajuno (see new facts page).

Euselasia uria a Arajuno

difficult to find a way through this taxonomic riddle.

1 - among the pictures above the bottom two specimens seem to make sense :
      - the E. u. uria on the left, with its bands rather wide and blurred, looks just like the few pictures of E. uria that one can find on the Internet,
      - the E. u. angustifascia on the right has much narrower bands.

2 - as a matter of facts the problem lies with the types ; whereas the type of uria (described in 1853) has narrow lines, how come a "narrow banded" subspecies (angustifascia) was described 70 years later from a specimen with very wide bands ?

3 - having no answer we provisionnally call :
      - ssp 1 - specimens photographed by David Geale at Arajuno (PN Sangay) and by Jeffrey Glassberg at Apuya (North East website), which look just like the Loreto specimen above (on this page and on the North East website),
      - ssp 2 -the two specimens from Unión Nacional Cuyabeno which don't look like anything we've seen and that are illustrated on the North East website.

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