wingspan : 50 mm

we found Pedaliodes porcia ssp near Pondoa, 2500 m, at Runtun and rio Ashilan, 3000 m, above Baños, at Alao.

strictly speaking we know nothing about Pedaliodes porcia, two ssp (the nominal and pallantias), without any geographic data, the gold/yellow HW line being longer and thinner on the nominal ssp

without having any other information we assume that :
- the Yanacocha specimens, the only ones we have with a long and thin gold line, are porcia porcia,
- those from the South of the country belong to an undescribed ssp, with a short and rather thin gold line,
- all the others, from East or West of the Andes, would be pallantias, as we cannot see any geographic differentiation.

Pedaliodes porcia ssp al río Ashilan
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