wingspan : 48 mm

it was indeed a surprise to find Rareuptychia clio at 1400 m near Palora.

this species is supposed to fly exclusively in a very limited area centered on the intersection of the national boundaries of Brasil, Bolivia and Peru, and particularly in the Parque Estadual do Chandless (Acre, Brasil), and the Parque Nacional del Manu (Peru) at elevations of no more than 700 m ; and it is said to be very rare.

but we found it 1600 km up North and at a 1400 m elevation, and, one year later, we saw it again thirty kilometers East of the first spot, at an elevation of 1000 m.

and it was not the end ! (see new facts page).


Rareuptychia clio cerca de Palora
Rareuptychia clio cerca de Palora
Rareuptychia clio al río Anzu

we have not heard of any record between these two areas ; there are constant differences between our five Ecuadorian specimens and the lectotype from Peru.

but, in 2018, David Geale took a picture of Rareuptychia clio even farther North at rio Hollin (Napo).

and even further North, in 2021 Jhonny Zambrano sent us a picture of another specimen spotted near Coca.

from left to right : Coca, rio Hollin, Palora, Pérou (BoA)

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