wingspan : 75 mm

Consul fabius flies from Mexico to Argentina (Comstock 1961), with many subspecies.

normally it is ssp Consul fabius semifulvus that flies in Sangay NP, we also know that the female is variable.

nevertheless we collected specimens of all types, typical semifulvus of course, but also individuals looking like divisus, diffusus, albinotata, bogotanus etc... there is at least some confusion ; either all these ssp fly in the Park and cross breed, or these taxons arte not bona fide subspecies.

hence we present the various forms we found, without knowing their taxonomic position. on this page typical semifulvus.


Consul fabius a la orilla del río Pastaza, 1000 m
Consul fabius semifulvus a San Isidro
Consul fabius semifulvus a San Isidro
Consul fabius semifulvus al Norte de Macas
Consul fabius semifulvus a San Isidro

there are differences in the size of the FW cell black marking and on the presence of yellow.

the extent of black is very limited on the specimen before last.

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