wingspan : male 50/55, female 54/60 mm

Eresia datis (formerly Eresia moesta) flies from Colombia to Peru (d’Abrera 1987) ; this butterfly is a Nymphalid which looks like some Ithomiids. this species has many different and sympatric forms;

this typical form is the commonest along with f. heliconiformis.

seen at Colonia Azuaya, 1600 m, at Topo, 1300m, at rio Palora and at Sardinayacu, 1500 m.

Eresia datis cerca de Macas
Eresia datis a Pablo Sexto
E. d. f. tìpica con E. d. f. nov a Pablo Sexto
Eresia datis a San Isidro
Eresia datis cerca de Palora

Eresia moesta is a retiring undergrowth denizen, and a highly variable species in Sangay NP.

f. datis
entre f. datis y f. heliconiformis
entre f. datis y f. fassli
f. fassli
f. heliconiformis
f. cerquita
f. idica
f. nov
f. nov
f. nov near mirabilis
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