wingspan : male 50/55 mm, female 55/60 mm

Eresia datis (formerly Eresia moesta) flies from Colombia to Peru (d’Abrera 1987) ; this butterfly is a Nymphalid which looks like some Ithomiids.

this species has many different and sympatric forms.

we found this form, that we had never seen, near Pablo Sexto ; later we saw this form near Nambija (Zamora Chinchipe).

Eresia moesta is a retiring undergrowth denizen, and a highly variable species in Sangay NP.

f. datis
entre f. datis y f. heliconiformis
entre f. datis y f. fassli
f. fassli
f. heliconiformis
f. cerquita
f. ildica
f. nov
f. nov
f. nov near mirabilis
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