wingspan : 45 mm

we collected one Perisama bomplandii West of Mendez, a place figured as a "hole" on Attal & Crosson du Cormier map, between the Southern limit of ultramarina, which flies in Sangay NP, and the Northern limit of albipennis, which flies in the extreme south of Ecuador, and mostly in Peru.

this Perisama bomplandii, seen at a mere 1000 m,  is interesting with its wide green bands on the HW.

in Attal & Crosson du Cormier (1996), which is the reference for Perisama, there are only four taxons with such a band, but they all have a different underside, and none is supposed to fly in the Sangay area.

this butterfly looks halfway between P. b. bomplandii and P. b. parabomplandii, but the first one flies in Colombia, and the second one West of the Andes !

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