wingspan : female 45 mm

we found Oleria tremona at Machay and el Retiro ; recently Keith R Willmott et al identified a new subspecies from Southern Ecuador O. tr. benigna when O. tr. tremona flies further North.

to differentiate between the two the easiest way is to look at the underside, the brown rim of both wings is orange brown on tremona, and reddish brown on benigna.

so the male we found at Machay is tremona, when the female, collected at el Retiro, is benigna.

it is worth noting that the same pattern applies to O. makrena and O. tremona : in the North a ssp with underside markings, and particularly the HW rim, a yellowish orange - makrena and tremona - and in the South a ssp with the same markings a reddish orange - makrenita and benigna.

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