wingspan : male 68/74, female 72 mm

Hyaluris lactea lactea, a species recently (2020) described by Keith R Willmott, found from Baños to Sardinayacu.

to tell Hyalyris lactea lactea from Hyalyris antea antea and from Hyalyris mestra personata, see new facts page.




telling Hyalyris antea antea from Hyalyris mestra personata and from Hyalyris lactea lactea is not obvious, and these three species fly together in the same places.

to differentiate the first two, see these two species pages.

to identify lactea lactea Keith Willmott provides specific guidance, but it requires the use of a binocular magnifier ; but it is not difficult to tell lactea from all other resembling species by looking at the black FW costa : on lactea (bottom right M and F) this costa shows two bulbs, one on the basal third, the other one roughly facing the distal end of the cell, and this seems to be valid for all lactea ssp.

on all other similar looking species (bottom left M and F) the two edges of the costa run almost parallel.

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