wingspan : 83/102 mm

Lycorea ilione flies in all of South and Central America (d’Abrera 1984).

subspecies albescens, which flies in Mexico and Central America, is very distinctive and does not vary much.

the same, unfortunately, cannot be said of Lycorea ilione East of the Andes ; there used to be eight subspecies, now they're down to three, but three dubious ones :
     - no one can tell decolorata (Ecuador) from lamirus (Peru),
     - on butterfliesofamerica the type of lamirus (from Peru ?) has a label with "Am. Centr.", and the two lectotypes come from Colombia,
     - again on butterfliesofamerica the type of phenarete duly comes from Bolivia, but syntypes come from Peru, particularly from San Martin ;
     - and, last but not least, it is an extremely variable species ; out of maybe twenty specimens from Sangay NP we do not have two identical ones (see individual variations page).    

so we prefer to call these butterflies Lycorea ilione, period.

seen in Sangay NP in many places between 900 and 1700 m.


Ituna ilione en la ruta a 9 de Octubre
Ituna ilione a el Corral
Ituna ilione al río Miriumi
Ituna ilione a el Corral

the individual variations of Sangay NP Lycorea ilione do not match any geographic logic.

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