wingspan : 37/42 mm

we collected Ianussiusa maso at el Retiro, 1900 m, and near Tinguichaca, 2800 m, on the Atillo/9 de Octubre road.

but the taxonomic situation of Ianussiusa maso is not really clear ; apparently we should have three known subspecies :
- I. m. santa from Venezuela,
- I. m. maso from Colombia,
- and I. m. polyommatus from the South of Colombia an North East of Ecuador.

it should be noted that the last two look very similar, and that we've never seen the first one.

we collected this species in two different areas : the upper rio Pastaza valley and the area between Atillo and 9 de Octubre, i.e. the North and the Center of the Park.

these butterflies we caught in the North of the Park are obviously different from those collected in the Center, and they're also different from any known ssp too.

as a consequence we present, in the individual variations page, the four "models": Colombia, probably maso, la Bonita, probably polyommatus, "Center of Sangay NP" and "North of Sangay NP".


Ianussiusa maso cerca de el Triunfo
Centro del PN Sangay - 37/42 mm
Norte del PN Sangay - 39/42 mm
Antioquia, Colombia - 36 mm
la Bonita, Ecuador - 41/47 mm
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