wingspan : male 38/52, female 44/51 mm

we found Eurybia jemima from 1400 to 1900 m, at Machay, Topo, Sardinayacu, Quebrada Cugusha and Guarumales.

there are two described subspecies : jemima and sinnaces, unfortunately not one of our specimens looks like either type.

we would tend to believe there is probably only one species, variable, with submarginal markings getting more and more subdued going South,  (see figures on the new facts page).

Eurybia jemima a Río Verde
Eurybia jemima a Machay
Eurybia jemima a Machay

1 - Machay
2 - Baños
3 - Sardinayacu
4 - Quebrada Cugusha
5 - Guarumales

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