wingspan :

this Eurybia has been pictured by Frank Dietze near Puyo, it looks like Eurybia unxia, a species known only from Nicaragua to Panama.

we didn't manage to agree on its identity ; the wisest of us thinks one cannot bet on the presence of unxia near Puyo, thus it has to be a female franciscana quite atypical ; for the other one it has to be a female unxia as the resemblance is uncanny :
- large FW eyespot shaped like stirrups, squarish in franciscana,
- small marginal eyespots on both wings elongated, rounded in franciscana,
- HW purple hue covering only the last three eyespots and barely reaching the cell, when in franciscana the hue covers four eyespots and the distal half of the cell.

Eurybia unxia resembling a la Parroquia Tarquí
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