wingspan : 60 mm but very variable

Colobura dirce flies from Mexico down to Paraguay (d’Abrera 1987).

it is a forest butterfly which will often settle on a tree trunk, about five feet from the ground, head upwards and wings tightly closed, and stay there for long periods of time
if comes an intruder, the Colobura does not fly away, but start walking sideways like a crab, so as to stay on the blind side of the tree ; if the intruder begins to gently turn around the tree, so does the butterfly.

seen near Palora, at rio Pastaza, 900 m and rio Miriumi, 1000 m, and near Méndez.

Colobura dirce al río Tutamangosa
Colobura dirce al río Pastaza, 900 m
Colobura dirce cerca de Puyo
Colobura dirce cerca de Puyo
Colobura dirce a Arajuno
Colobura dirce cerca de Puyo
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