wingspan : male 54/65, female 60/62 mm

Hyalyris antea is sometimes a common sight at San Isidro, on the Sardinayacu path and in the Baños/Piuyo corridor.

there are two local "subspecies", H. antea achuar and H. antea antea, we collected the latter in the Northern half of Sangay NP, and the former in the Southern half,

but, on the Macas/Atillo road, at 16/1800 m, we found both "subspecies" ?

it is difficult to tell Hyalyris antea antea from Hyalyris mestra personata, although the latter is larger, and also from Hyalyris lactea lactea - to differenciate them see new facts page


Hyalyris antea a San Isidro
Hyalyris antea a San Isidro

Hyalyris mestra personata, male and female, always show, in the black FW costa, a flat hyaline triangle, the apex of which reaches the discocellular vein.

this marking is never present on antea antea.

to identify Hyalyris lactea lactea, see this species page.

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