Español | English | Français Family : Pieridae   Sub-Family : Coliadinae   Tribe : -
  Genus : Colias   Specie : dimera   
wingspan: 35/40 mm

Colias dimera flies up in the Andes from Venezuela to Peru (Verhulst 2000).

it can be common at elevations of 2500/3000 meters and more.

in the Park we saw it near the Tungurahua volcano, along the Riobamba/Ambato road and in the upper valley of rio Paute.

there are two forms for the female: one very similar to the male, the other one a yellowish/greenish white.
las dos formas de la hembra; la forma blanca se llama f. semperi
Colias dimera cerca de Mocha, 3200 m Colias dimera, Urbina, 3500 m
Colias dimera, hembra f. semperi, Urbina, 3500 m Colias dimeraa Runtun, 2500