Español | English | Français Family : Pieridae   Sub-Family : Dismorphiinae   Tribe : -
  Genus : Dismorphia   Specie : lysis     Subspecie : lysis
wingspan: 40 mm

this butterfly, collected at el Corral, Rio Negro, at 1400 meters, is a male of Dismorphia lysis lysis which flies only in Ecuador (d’Abrera 1981).

later we collected two females, the first one at Quebrada Cugusha, the second one at rio Miriumi.

it was abundant at el Topo in november 2008, and also at Guarumales, in 2011/2012 it was at San Isidro, and in 2015 near Palora.

other subspecies fly in Peru.
Dismorphia lysis lysis al Topo, 1300 m D. lysis sentada las alas abiertas, lo que es escaśsimo
Dismorphia lysis a Guarumales Dismorphia lysis a Guarumales