wingspan : 40 mm

Vanessa annabella flies from Canada to Guatemala (d’Abrera 1987).

however, this butterfly that we collected South of Cebadas (3000 m) looks pretty much like the Vanessa annabella illustrated in d’Abrera p. 658 ; it is markedly larger than Vanessa carye and is quite different from any other South American Vanessa.

recently we photographed this Vanessa a few kilometers North of Riobamba, and it looks exactly the same.

Vanessa annabella (?) a Mocha
Vanessa annabella (?) a Mocha
Vanessa annabella (?) a Mocha


presence of Vanessa annabella (?) far away from its official distribution area

in d’Abrera (1987) Vanessa annabella flies from Canada to Guatemala.

on Internet we didn't find anything indicating its presence in South America ; it is always mentioned as a species living on the Pacific side of North America, the « West Coast Painted Lady ».

but this butterfly we collected South of Cebadas could pretty well be Vanessa annabella for the design of its FW, and the four ocelli of its HW.

we could be mistaken with V. carye, but we believe that :
    - V. annabella is larger than V. carye,
    - the postdiscal elongated yellow marking, which starts on the FW costa is different from that of V. carye, UP and UN,
    - and, on the FWUN, the three black dots at the base of the wing, are obvious on nearly all the V. annabella pictures that we saw, but vestigial on the very few V. carye pictures we could find.

maybe we're over-complicating it because:

    - Vanessa are a variable bunch with very large geographic ranges,
    - they might cross-breed (V. annabella with V. cardui for instance), 
    - and, at a time, V. annabella was known as V. carye annabella.

so any help will be most welcome !

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