wingspan : 35 mm

a peculiar and rare skipper ; over sixteen years we found three individuals, at Machay and near Cruz Loma, between 1800 and 2950 meters.

we also found it in Peru (Oxapampa) and we know of pictures taken in Colombia, always in the same altitudinal range.

in part 50 of the Butterflies of the World series, published in 2022, appears a Jera tricuspidata that would come from Canelos (elevation 450 meters, in a rainy area near Puyo) ; it is a fact that ButterfliesofAmerica features a specimen of Jera tricuspidata with a "Canelos" label, but, on ButterfliesofAmerica, you will also find the type of Molo mango with a "Madagascar" label...


Jera tricuspidata a Cruz Loma

specimen #4 ha a deformity of the LHW

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