wingspan : 95 mm

this butterfly looks absolutely like Athis pirrelloi (Vinciguerra 2011) ; but this species has been described from a unique specimen from Huánuco (Peru).

it should also be noted that the type of A. pirrelloi and our specimen look pretty much like A. palatinus staudingeri from Panamá and Costa Rica ?

- left: Athis palatinus staudingeri, Central America,
- center: Athis sp, Sangay NP,
- right: Athis pirrelloi, Huánuco, Peru ;

there are over 2000 km from Costa Rica to Huánuco - do we have three ? two ? or one species ?

pictures of Athis pirrelloi and Athis palatinus staudingeri come from Roberto Vinciguerra - Biodiversity Journal, 2011, 2 (2):97-102

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