wingspan : male 44, female 50 mm

this female, collected at Pablo Sexto, and the males from Palora to Mendez, are Pyrrhopyge phidias rusca , which is known so far only from Zamora Chinchipe Province; it's been confirmed by the barcoding results.

but DNA sequencing still holds a few surprises ! in a pair of Pyrrhopyge phidias, collected at Palora, both male and femle key out, not at "rusca", but between "bixae" and "hyperici", two amazonian ssp ! it does not make much sense !

this pair is figured on the first row on the individual variations page, and, in copula, on the in situ pictures.

Pyrrhopyge phidias cerca de Palora
Pyrrhopyge phidias (?) cerca de Méndez
la pareja misteriosa cerca de Palora
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