wingspan : 34 mm

this Racta sp, close to Racta dalla (Bernard Hermier pers. com.), was collected years ago in the Baños-Puyo corridor.

we found this undescribed Racta in the upper Pastaza valley.

and we know of four other specimens :
     - one comes from Quebrada de los Muertos, at 2600 m, at the Loja-Zamora Chinchipe border,
     - a second one on the Loja-Zamora road, 20 km from Loja, between 2000 and 2600 m,
     - another one, which very probably was also collected at the same Quebrada de los Muertos, and which is presently in Krakow,
     - and a last one from Peru, a female collected near Oxapampa, at la Antena, 2700 m.

with five almost identical specimens , this Racta should be described ; it is the only one to look like Racta dalla, and it is markedly different from any other Racta.

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