wingspan : 33/41 mm

these butterflies could be Pareuptychia hesionides, although the type of hesionides comes from Bolivia ; common at moderate elevations.

we found this Pareuptychia sp all over Ecuador, it appears on the four sites as n. id. 2.

but the taxonomy of the Genus Pareuptychia is unclear, different looking specimens flying together on the same spots.

Pareuptychia sp a Guarumales, 1800 m
macho herido, con las patas rotas, encontrado al río Tutamangosa, 1000 m
macho de Pareuptychia sp al río Miriumi, 1000 m
Pareuptychia sp al Norte del Parque
Pareuptychia sp cerca de Méndez
Pareuptychia sp cerca de Méndez
Pareuptychia sp al río Tutamangosa
Pareuptychia sp cerca de Puyo
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