wingspan : 45 mm

Graphita griphe is known to fly in Venezuela and Colombia (d’Abrera 1988) and is often referred to as Euptychia vesta.

we saw it at 2000 m and more at Pondoa, Runtun and Guarumales.

this modest butterfly benefited from the descriptors full attention, being given these successive names : Neonympha griphe, Euptychia vesta, Euptychoides vesta, Euptychoides griphe, Cissia ucumariensis, and today Graphita griphe ; five different Genuses !

in spite of this ongoing attention we were not able to find any work assesing wether the - visible - differences between the populations East and West of the Andes are constant or not ? and yet they are (see new facts page).


Graphita griphe cerca de Baños

there are several constant differences between Graphita griphe populations East and West of the Andes.

the most obvious three are :

          - the ground colour,
          - on the HWUP presence of an eye-spot at the tornus, East of the Andes, always absent West of the Andes,
          - on the FWUN presence of dark markings in the lighter postdical band, East of the Andes, always absent West of the Andes.

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