wingspan : 48 mm

common as this species may be, during the first years in the National Park, we only found Orophila cardases near 9 de Octubre (1800 meters) ; this is the lowest elevation where we saw this butterfly, more frequently encountered at 2000 meters and above.

then we saw it at 2500/3000 m at Runtun and East of Atillo, and at 2000 m at Machay, then also at Guarumales.

the female is very scarce.

like Perisama tr. tringa, Orophila cardases has variable red markings on the FWUN ; but, in the case of Orophila cardases there is a possibility of a tentative correlation between the amount of red and the geographic area, the amount of red increasing when going South (see individual variation).

Orophila cardases a Machay, 1900 m
Orophila cardases a el Retiro, 1900 m
Orophila cardases a Runtun
Orophila cardases a el Retiro
Orophila cardases a Guarumales
Orophila cardases a Runtun
Orophila cardases a Runtun
Orophila cardases a Guarumales

as illustrated on those pictures, the amount of red on the FWUN is very variable.

it would seem that there is more and more red when you go South ?

Río Verde - alto valle del Pastaza
Quebrada Cugusha - 9 de Octubre
carretera Gualaceo-Limón
Cerro Toledo
Puente Nieva - Amazonas, Peru
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