wingspan : 52 mm

Hypoleria alema ina is not a common butterfly, and flies only in Ecuador (d'Abrera 1984).

two forms have been described macasana and negrina (butterfliesofamerica), but... it can be seen clearly that :
     - the male above has a bluish white sheen on both wings, and a thick and almost straight black border on the HW, features that are distinctive of form macasana,
     - and the female has an HWUN orange rim, which is always present on Hypoleria alema karschi, but normally never on H. a. ina ?

¿ quisas deberían estar en la pàgina de los mestizos?

we found f. negrina near Palora, Macas, Sucúa and, at a higher elevation, near Alshi.



Hypoleria alema ina cerca de Macas
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