env.  male 60, female 58/61 mm.

we do not know what these three butterflies can be, and we don't even know wether they should be on the same sheet ?

on the face of it they could belong to one of four species : ocna, antea, lactea and praxilla - we do not know if there are mestra forms with a russett marking on the HW tornus ?

their size is more ocna or antea,  but the FW costa hyaline triangle, particuarly large on the two females, clearly separates them.

these three specimens FW costa, with its parallel edges, isolates them from lactea.

so we would be left with praxilla, but, on the very same spots we collected about ten praxilla males and females, all very similar and quite different from our three butterflies, furthemore the "regular" females are much larger (see Hyalyris praxilla praxilla sheet).

these two females are not really similar...

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